Destiny Echandie - Certified Nursing Assistant

Destiny Echandie is a new mom who completed the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training at J.F. Drake State in December 2015 on her 21st birthday.  Destiny was inspired to begin her nursing career while in high school. She left public high school to be home schooled so she could better help her mother care for her father who was ill with kidney cancer, which eventually took his life.  Destiny was one of five children adopted by her parents. Her biological parents were on drugs. Before her training, Destiny worked various retail and health aide positions.  Destiny completed her CNA training in December, 2015 and got her state CNA license in March 2016.  She now works full-time as a CNA at Millenium Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  She accomplished her short-term goal of buying a decent car and is exploring a health career in orthodontics.