Anita Williams - Technical Illustrator

Our first success story is Anita Williams. 

Anita moved to Huntsville from Saint Louis to take care of her sister who had cancer. She traveled with her four kids in a van with one bag of personal belongings each. She had some drafting training in Saint Louis but her credentials were not recognized in Alabama. She enrolled in J.F. Drake State and was on honor roll three times. In her second year, she applied for and received an AOD scholarship in 2012. Her son, then 17, supported the family as the breadwinner and AOD helped her obtain a car to get to school. Anita was able to go straight through all six semesters and she graduated in August 2013. When Anita finished school, AOD helped her with her job search and filling out applications.  Anita was hired a few months after graduation in October 2013 as a full-time Technical Illustrator at a local aerospace firm with good pay and benefits.   She supports a team of technical writers providing technical illustrations for Army aviation programs.  In December 2013, she moved out of public housing and into a rented home with her two teens.  AOD also sent her to a 9-week Financial Peace University course to learn family budgeting and financial management. Anita loves her job and her kids are proud of her. It was hard for her but her efforts to do better for her children and herself paid off. Anita advises anyone in a similar situation to the one she was in is to go forward, don’t stop, and use the resources that are out there.
Anita Williams
Graduation Party
Anita WilliamsTechnical Illustrator
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