True Careers

True Careers Workshops began in 2017.  These career readiness workshops are offered to youth and adults in the East Central Alabama area. This program is administered by "former" AOD board member Jeff Coggin in partnership with his CareerKwest USA initiative (  Jeff is currently partnering with Our House in Auburn to conduct workshops to at-risk youth and with the Christian Women's Job Corps to conduct workshops for their clients.

True Careers workshops will use the "True Colors" personality assessment tool to help participants explore their particular personality type.  The workshops are designed to help increase at-risk students' understanding of "Self" and also gain a greater knowledge of compatible and employable career opportunities in the local area (60 mile radius) based upon their particular interests and personality characteristics.

For more information, contact Jeff Coggin at:
305 E. Thach Avenue, Suite C
Auburn, Alabama 36830
Phone: (334) 663-2753