Annual Report

Alliance for Opportunity and Development (AOD)
2016 Annual Report


2016 was another great year for AOD.  We wish you a blessed 2016!  

Learn and Earn Scholarships provide Life-Changing Job Training!  AOD added three more graduates in 2016!  This brings our total number of graduates to nine.  Our three new graduates are:

•    Mirlande Benjamin (May 2016) – Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN); Mirlande is working full-time as an LPN in Huntsville, AL.  
•    Denise Davis (May 2016) – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Denise is working full-time as a CNA in Huntsville, AL.
•    Ashley Battle (May 2016) – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Ashley is working full-time as a CNA in Huntsville, AL.
•    Kelli Hill (October 2016) – Welding; Kelli is working full-time as a welder in the Decatur, AL area.

AOD funded the state exam and license fees for each of the above LPN and CNA graduates.


Our Four 2016 Graduates Pictured Below!

Mirlande Benjamin
Denise Davis
Ashley Battle
Kelli Hill

Read more about each of these ladies at:

In addition to AOD’s four newest graduates, AOD has three current students:

  • Cody White (Engineering Graphics)
  • Jaron Hood (LPN)
  • Monica Tackett (LPN)


Below is a chronological summary of AOD’s 2016 activities by program:


Learn and Earn

May:  Mirlande Benjamin graduated Drake States LPN program
May:  Denise Davis and Ashley Battle graduate Drake State’s CNA program
August: Cody White is selected for a Learn and Earn scholarship
August:  AOD provide a one-time book scholarship to Drake State LPN student Ciedah Moore
November:  Kelli Hill completed welding training and is hired by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as a welder.


Imagination and Aspiration

July:  AOD sent Tyrea (age 11) and Nia (age 12) to the Mindgears Lab 2D/3D Makers Lab summer day camp


AOD Community Career Fair



March 8th:  As a prelude to the career fair, the Huntsville Housing Authority in collaboration with the Terry Heights Hillandale neighborhood organized a resume and interview skills workshop held at the Oscar Mason center.  Ms Lindsay Pollard of the Huntsville Housing Authority conducted the workshop which drew 16 participants.




March 16th:  Our fourth annual career fair was Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at the Jaycee Fairgrounds building in Huntsville, AL.  It targeted jobseekers without degrees and connected them with local employers, educational institutions, and nonprofits.  We appreciate all who helped plan, conduct, and spread the word about the event!  Results:

  • Attendees: 149 jobseekers, 38 employers, 6 schools, and 4 nonprofits including the Gideons who were there passing out bibles.
  • Employer survey results: 41 job offers made at the career fair, 55 jobseekers interviewed at the career fair, 178 interviews were scheduled for after the career fair, and 721 on-line application referrals were made. Many of this year's exhibitors were there for the first time.



Note: The 5th Annual AOD Community Career Fair will be April 12, 2017 at the Jaycee building. Details at


Operation Spyglass (Aberdeen, Mississippi)

July:  $240 was added to the scholarship account of Tuneka Smith at Mississippi State University (MSU).  Tuneka is a first-generation college student, a graduate of Aberdeen High School in Mississippi, and a Criminal Justice major at MSU.  Tuneka graduates in May 2017 and plans to enlist in the U.S. Air Force into the Security Forces.  Her future goal is to join the FBI.  AOD board member Jeff Coggin was Tuneka’s Air Force Junior ROTC instructor at Aberdeen High School.


2016 Charity Breakfast

AOD partnered with the Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization to raise funds for both organizations with its first joint charity breakfast fundraiser.  This event was held November 12, 2016 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville.  This event featured an array of hot and cold breakfast items, speakers, music, and a silent auction.  We thank the many volunteers from both organizations, our many sponsors, our many silent auction item donors, and guests.



2016 Beginning balance: $819.74  
Income: $12,791.23  
Expenses: $13,580.36  
  • Administrative:
$  1,863.07 (13.72%)
  • Programs:
$11,717.29 (86.28%)

2016 Year-end balance:     

$     30.61



Note:  Admin expenses included $525 in fundraising expenses from selling Huntsville Havoc game tickets (gross ticket sales were $727.95) and $234.89 in fundraising expenses from our charity breakfast fundraiser (gross charity breakfast income was $1,927.00).


2017 Preview

AOD looks forward to 2017 as we expect one new graduate (Monica Tackett, LPN, May 2017).  We also have goals to award 14 new scholarships and send two children to a summer day camp in the Summer.  Our fifth annual career fair is scheduled for April 12, 2016.  Our 2017 scholarship goals include:

  • 3 scholarships at J.F. Drake State for selected associate degree and certificate programs 
  • 2 scholarships at J.F. Drake State for Certified Nursing Assistant training programs
  • 1 scholarship for Dialysis Technician training at Calhoun Community College
  • 2 scholarships for Pharmacy Technician training at Calhoun Community College
  • 1 scholarship for EKG Technician training at Calhoun Community College
  • 1 scholarship for Phlebotomy training at Calhoun Community College
  • 4 scholarships for welding at Global Tech Institute


True Careers, a New program in 2017: 

AOD board member Jeff Coggin will be organizing True Careers workshops to for youth and their parents/guardians in Tuskegee, Alabama.


God Bless you in 2017!

2 Chronicles 7:14:  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”